Rheology – the science of flow and deformation of materials – can help you discover the secrets of your materials.


With rheology you can study the

  • flow properties
  • storage stability
  • consistency
  • structure
  • application properties

of your material.

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Our services:

  • Training in Rheology Step 1
    • April 27-28
    • October 19-20
    Rheology course information
    Principles of Rheology
    and its Measurement techniques

    - Viscosity
    - Elasticity
    - Viscoelasticity

    Download course information and application:
    Apr 27-28 (2020)
    Oct 19-20 (2020)

  • Training in Rheology Step 2
    • May 11-12
    • November 16-17
    Reologikurs information
    Application of rheological concepts,
    measuring methods and measuring techniques

    - Viscosity
    - Viscoelasticity
    - Rheological measuring techniques

    Download course information and application:
    May 11-12 (2020)
    Nov 16-17 (2020)
  • Company specific consultation including applied rheological theory related to Your materials, how to use Your rheometer and how to build measuring methods for Your materials.
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Reokonsa has successfully helped international companies with rheological consultation since 1993. In 1997 Annika Sahlström received the Nordic Rheology Society Rheology Award for "outstanding contribution to the progress of rheology in the Nordic countries".

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